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OK, so I’ve got this narrow (< ¼”) crack across the whole width in the concrete where my front steps meet my front sidewalk that I would like to fix. It’s probably from some differential settling between the foundation and the sidewalk, and I don’t want to make a major — either time or materials — project out of this if I can help it. Quikrete® makes two products — and the local HD conveniently carries both — which look like they could work. The Concrete Crack Seal is a latex emulsion for “repairing cracks in sidewalks, patios, and driveways” while the Concrete Repair is a sanded acrylic formula for “filling and sealing cracks in concrete” in “vertical or horizontal applications.” Prices for the two products in 5.5 oz tubes pictured above are within a dollar of each other, with the Concrete Repair going for around $3.50 and the Concrete Crack Seal about $2.50, so cost is not a major issue for this approach.

Any of you Toolmongers have experience with either one of these? Are there other options or alternatives — besides buying a Bosch jackhammer and having a few cubic yards of concrete delivered?

Concrete Crack Seal [Manufacturer’s Site]
Concrete Repair [Manufacturer’s Site]

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