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Need extra space for your shop? Or maybe an extra room for those holiday guests, but a tent seems a little chintzy? Then you might want to try a Concrete Canvas Shelter™. Setting it up, as shown in the pictures above, is as simple as rolling it out, inflating it, hydrating it, and waiting 24 hours for it to cure. The resulting structure is fire proof and has a design life of 10 years. The basic material for the shelter is a concrete-impregnated fabric bonded to a plastic liner. Their CCS25 model provides 25 square meters of space (5.0m long × 5.6m wide × 2.6m high). The company also makes Concrete Cloth™ — bringing new meaning to the term “concrete overcoat” — which has a variety of applications including ditch lining, slope protection, and sandbag reinforcement.

Concrete Canvas Shelter™ [Manufacturer’s Site]