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Columbia River Knife and Tool has a new addition to their excellent range of work knives by knife designers Josh and Jon Graham. The Razel is available in folding and fixed-blade versions of various lengths and looks to be a very strong blade with a unique design. The blade makes an unusual 90-degree turn to form the point, an interesting hybrid between a tanto-style blade and a light-duty chisel. It’s a clever, high-strength design which should serve well as a work knife.

As an added bonus, there are five variations on this basic blade design: two folders of different length, two fixed-blade versions (one short and nimble, the other with a finger ring for a secure grip), and a massive, 14” machete. It’s great for felling brush, or as a weapon of last resort when the zombies come. List prices run from $50 for the smallest folder to $200 for the 14-incher, but various retailers may offer better prices.

Folding Razel [Columbia River Knife and Tool]
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