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Bear with me, there’s science behind this one. There’s a chemical for just about every single situation you can encounter under a hood (some of them more effective than others). However, when it comes to cleaning that scaly crap off your battery, the creme de la creme is something you probably have in your fridge. Nothing I’ve heard of cleans battery acid residue better, and this isn’t exactly expensive stuff. There’s a bit of a catch: cola has all kinds of ions floating in it, so it does conduct electricity, but not well enough to burn out your battery. Still, cleaning one terminal at a time is a safe bet.

It should be said, for the happiness of the Toolmonger legal department, that fizzy beverages are no substitute for most automotive chemicals. Mythbusters fans probably remember what happened when Adam and Jamie used cola as coolant. If you haven’t seen that one, well… let’s just say don’t do it!

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