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Forget figuring out how to secure your workpiece with cumbersome hold-downs. Mount a magnetic chuck to your machine and all you have to do is flip a switch and start working.

Of course you’re limited to working with materials that are attracted to a magnet. In reality that will probably be some sort of steel — does anybody machine nickel? Plus you’ll have to have a flat base for the magnetic chuck to grab.

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Harbor Freight is selling this non-contact thermometer for only $8 with coupon until December 20th, 2008.  Unless you’re the world’s biggest cheap-ass, there’s no excuse not to get one to play with.

Cen-Tech’s non-contact pocket thermometer reads temperatures from -27° to 230°F or -33° to 110°C.  Get readings in less than one second to quickly locate hot and cold spots.  The thermometer also includes a real-time clock and stopwatch.

The included 3V CR2032 lithium battery provides 40 hours of battery life.

Non-Contact Thermometer [Harbor Freight]
Street Pricing [Google]

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