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“This’ll be a quick and easy post,” I thought. There I was out in the garage, preparing to cut a piece of angle iron. I put the metal-cutting blade in my reciprocating saw, clamped the angle iron in my trusty Workmate (the Deluxe Dual Height version, no less), grabbed my beat-up old tube of Johnson’s #140 Stik-Wax to lube the blade, and zipped right through. Then I paused and thought “I should write a post on #140 Stik-Wax.” Ah, how naive…

After more than a few minutes of web browsing, I discovered that SC Johnson sold their industrial division to British Petroleum’s Castrol division many years ago. Castrol is apparently packaging the same product in a similar, although different-colored, tube as shown above. If you can find a place to sell you a single tube rather than a whole case of 24, it’ll cost around $18.

While looking for #140 Stik-Wax information, I came across a few references to AnchorLube G-771, and people praising it for metalworking.

As a metalworking hack who does this kind of stuff infrequently, I think #140 Stik-Wax — or its equivalent — does a good job. For all you real metalworkers out there, what’s the insider’s solution to proper lubrication when amateurs are cutting, tapping, sawing, or drilling metal?

Castrol Stick Wax [National Supply]
Castrol Stick Wax [Anchor Chemical]

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