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Owners of multi-cylinder motorcycles with several carburetors or throttle bodies know the pain of syncing the finicky little buggers, but a tool like the Morgan Carbtune can take the bite out of the process. Available with two or four vacuum chambers for bikes with up to four carburetors or throttle bodies, the Carbtune is a British-made four-chamber stainless-rod manometer: accurate and reliable. Unlike liquid manometers, the heavy steel rod isn’t affected by pressure pulsations in the intake tract, so it’s easier to see and balance the readings.

While $82 is a bit steep for a tool you won’t use much, a dealership will probably charge you anywhere from $60 to $100 for the procedure, so this fine device will pay for itself quickly. Morgan ships it with vacuum hoses, plugs, and assorted other necessities, all contained in a slick storage case.

Morgan Carbtune [Morgan]

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