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Maybe you don’t always have to cut PVC and re-connect it with foul-smelling glue to install it. In some applications, maybe you can just bend it. There are heaters for bending PVC, which at the best smell really bad or at the worst emit some nasty chemicals, but Rack-A-Tiers’ Pipe Viper allows you to bend PVC cold.

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Soldering isn’t your only option for an electrically conductive connection. MG Chemicals sells one alternative — the two-part silver conductive epoxy pictured above.

When the silver epoxy cures you’re left with a bond that’s not only high strength, but also highly conductive to electricity. You can use it to connect heat sensitive components, connect broken traces, or even bond heat sinks. The epoxy bonds well to metals, but it also bonds to glass, wood, paper, fiber and rubber.

One drawback to using this epoxy is that you can’t solder to it and you need to be careful soldering around it because it might melt. Another is that you have to wait 4 to 5 hours for it to cure.

Prices for MG Chemical’s two-part silver epoxy start at $25 for two 3mL syringes.

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