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Finding the holes for European-style hinges isn’t particularly troublesome, especially if you take the time to make a simple jig, but the makers of the Hingemark think you can do it more quickly and accurately with their jig.

The jig has two stops that you fold down to catch the edge of the door when marking the holes for the hinges. When the jig is in position you just tap the spring-loaded punch labeled door. To mark the mating holes in the carcass you just fold the stops up, slide the jig into place, and tap the two punches labeled “cabinet.”

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A bit of a scare with a careless student at one of the university labs has gotten me looking for a flammables cabinet for my colossal collection of caustics and combustible consumables. At the moment, they’re in a tall bottom drawer of my roll cabinet. It’s fine for easy access, but poor protection from heat.

I was pretty surprised at how inexpensive small cabinets can be. The larger ones run north of a grand, but a 12-gallon unit retails for $270 from (and manufactured by) Global Industrial. Twelve gallons is certainly enough for home use, but even if $270 is less than expected, it’s still a nice chunk of change. There’s no doubt that they’re a sensible idea, but is the extra degree of safety worth the entry cost?

If you think so, Global Industrial and Amazon sell an identical cabinet at the same price. Shipping costs will probably be murder given the weight and bulk of these things, but they might keep your house up.

12-Gallon Flammables Cabinet Via Amazon [What’s This?]
12-Gallon Flammables Cabinet [Global Industrial]

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