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Don’t throw out your favorite beer mug just because you chipped the rim — with DMT’s Crystal Saver file you can smooth the sharp edges and keep on drinking without cutting up your lip.

The Crystal Saver is a 4″ long half-round nickel file coated with a coarse grit of diamonds.  DMT gave the file a fake crystal handle — probably so you’ll put it in the silverware drawer, not the toolbox.

It’ll smooth jagged edges on hard material such as glass, china, or ceramic.  Just moisten the file and take a few light strokes over the chip with the flat side.  Use the round side to take care of sharp dips.

You’ll pay around $18 for the Crystal Saver.

Crystal Saver [DMT]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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If you’re tired of filing by hand, you’re probably thinking, “There’s a power tool for just about every other hand tool — why not filing?”  Wahl makes what they claim is the world’s smallest power filer/sander.  This rechargeable tool uses reciprocating action to mimic how you’d use a file, and it reaches into tight spaces for easy precision finishing, deburring, and sanding of plastic, wood, metal, and most other materials.

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It’s not easy sharpening a curved edge with a flat stone, so why bother?  Get a curved stone like one of these slipstones from Grizzly.  These tapered Japanese stones can sharpen gouges from 1/2″ to 2″ wide.  Made from aluminum oxide and available in 240, 1,000, and 4,000 grits, these water stones both sharpen and polish.

One curved slipstone will run you about $16.

Curve Gouge Slipstone [Grizzly]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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