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Designed as a tool of last resort by the smiths at Columbia River Knife and Tool, the Hammond All Bases Covered (A.B.C.) knife is a fixed-blade design for emergency situations. It’s described as a dive or whitewater-rafting knife, available in two styles called Aqua and Operator, with and without a sharpened point. Why bother with a blunt-tipped knife? If you’re in a full panic and need to cut away an entangling strap or line, you probably aren’t going to have time to be careful. The blunt tip allows the user to press the knife tip against their skin and slide it to cut the entangling object with the edge without gashing themselves in the process.

Sailors and water-sportsmen can probably appreciate this design, but the odd blade configuration, with two edges (one serrated, one straight) and no point, probably limits its utility in everyday life. And Johnny Law probably won’t appreciate you walking around with a 4-inch edge painted like a Mission Impossible prop. But if this is the kind of tool you can use, they run about $80 at full retail. And if the keen edge won’t kill you, the acronym overload will.

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