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Bosch’s model 4410L miter saw is the kin of Cain, the Terminator’s son, and ten inches of high-RPM fury rolled into one. As far as table-top miter saws go, it’s hard to beat the dual-bevel sliding arrangement found in the 4410L. You get the smooth action of a sliding miter saw, and as a bonus, two angles of adjustment. You can change the angle of the blade relative to the backstop and relative to the wood’s top surface, allowing very complex cuts. There aren’t many woodworkers whose trades require such an elaborate range of adjustment, but they’ll appreciate how this saw makes very complex geometries possible. Geodesic dome out of two-by-fours, anyone?

You do pay a price for both Bosch’s name and the saw’s extensive feature list. Amazon’s asking price is a cool $526, which is reasonable compared to the saw’s $1,100 list price. The money will get you excellent quality, with positive detents for precise adjustment and cast angle markers that won’t fade with time. Of course not to be left out, it also comes with a laser beam attached to the head stock.

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