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While it probably won’t make the top ten list for 2009, or even the neat-products list for the last decade — those lists are really starting to annoy me, by the way; as if those damn end-of-the-year lists weren’t bad enough, this year we have to put up with the end-of-the-decade lists, also — the Ziotek ZT1153195 Digital Battery Checker looks like a handy device. It’s a single-AAA powered tester that can check a variety of 1.5V batteries: D, C, AA, AAA, N, and button cells. It puts a load on the battery under test (~ 90mA for AAA and N; ~ 190mA for D, C, and AA; and ~ 10mA for button cells), and displays the battery voltage on a “color-coded, liquid crystal display” as a bar graph — “color-coded” here refers to the printing surrounding the display; the display itself is black and white.

This tester will set you back about $9. Is it a worthwhile addition to your electrical tool kit, or are there better alternatives? What do you think?

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