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TM has discussed 12V portable compressors before (Black & Decker’s Air Station and Master Flow’s Tsunami, for example), but the ContiComfortKit adds a feature for sealing typical tire punctures. The $79 kit weighs 5.5 lbs, is 9.5″W × 7″H × 3.75″D, has a 12-V air compressor with an integral illuminated pressure gauge, a low-intensity LED worklight, and adds a latex liquid tire sealant. The ContiComfortKit will work on most sizes of car, minivan, and crossover vehicle tires. If the sealant is not activated, the kit can be used as a stand-alone compressor.

I suppose using the ContiComfortKit is easier than jacking up the car and putting on the spare or calling AAA and waiting, but does the ease justify the price? Let us know in comments.

ContiComfortKit [Continental Tire]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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