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V18_LOGOsmo.jpgWe’re giving away a V18 Combo Kit.  Really.  If you win it, you’ll not only be the envy of your neighbors for being so well equipped, you’ll also be one of the first people in town to own one.  The V18 will release to the public during the month of August.


Here’s how it works.  On September 1, 2006, we’ll randomly select a comment from all valid comments posted on the Toolmonger site during the month of August.  If your comment is selected (and meets the criteria below), you win!

Remember, we’re toolaholics and bloggers, not lawyers.  So:

  • By “valid comments” we mean comments that’re a) not spam, b) from users who provided their email address with their comment (don’t worry, it’s not displayed publicly), and c) don’t say something inane like “i want to win the prize oh yeah bender’s great.”  This means that posting dozens of “I agree” or “that’s great” comments won’t improve your chances of winning a whit.  On the other hand, posting your opinions and other information useful to other readers will increase your chances.
  • We’ll email the winner on September 1, 2006, and wait one week for a response.  If we don’t get one or the person selected declines the prize, we’ll select another person by the same random process and repeat until we find a winner. 
  • The prize is pretty heavy.  We’re willing to help with shipping up to $75 — which should cover shipping by reasonable means to US addresses, but if you’re the winner and you live in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it may cost you a bit to ship it. 
  • Finally, if you accept the prize, we’d greaty appreciate it if you’d send us a photo of yourself with it so we can let our readers know how the contest ended.

Have fun, and enter as often as you like by simply reading and participating in Toolmonger!


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