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I grew up on Lego, and loved them as kid. I did a double-take when I saw these boxes, though I might not have ever noticed it growing up. However, having seen my share of combines and tractors, I wonder who got the wires crossed in packaging and put these in the “City” category.

If you live in Iowa perhaps these are a common sight on the cityscape scene, but I must at least give them credit for offering the machines of the farm persuasion at all. If kids aren’t as likely to be exposed to hand and power tools at a young age, they’re much less likely to have any hands-on with tractors and massive farm equipment later in life.

Props to Lego for the kits, whatever the moniker. It’s a lot of cool for $35.

Lego City Series Kits [Lego]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


This innocuous little starfish will keep sliding glass doors from opening too far, especially ones where the door slides on the outside and you can’t use a bar to secure it.  The SecureIt can also keep windows from being opened too far, much like a window lock.

If you choose to hang stuff from the SecureIt, the 3-3/8″ suction cup can hold 50 pounds.  You can affix the 4″-diameter, 2″-thick SecureIt to any smooth, clean, and dry surface.  If you need to remove it, simply pull the tab.

Available in Sky, Sea Mist Green, and Clear, a pack of two SecureIts goes for $20.

SecureIt [Corporate Site]
SecureIt [Improvements]


We’re sure you’re sick of Hyde products for now, but we’re saving the best (read: most ridiculous) for last:  the Dual-Action Flex Roller.  Hyde claims that with their new roller you’ll spread paint more evenly, paint faster, and work more effectively.

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Most Toolmongers probably just grab any oil that’s close at hand while drilling into metal, but if I actually bought cutting oil, I have to admit that I’d probably buy Bad Dog Drool cutting lubricant — not because I’m sold on how well it works, but because I couldn’t resist the awesome name.  Just imagine the look on your buddy’s face when you ask him to fetch some Bad Dog Drool.

Use Bad Dog Drool to keep cutters cool and minimize wear when boring through metal.  This “thick and juicy” cutting lubricant — Bad Dog Tools likens it to St. Bernard drool — stays in place even on inclined surfaces.

On their website, an 8oz bottle of Bad Dog Drool will run you about $10 plus $5 shipping.

Bad Dog Drool [Bad Dog Tools]


Looking to startle house guests — or impress Toolmonger friends hanging out in the kitchen instead of the shop? If so, you’re likely the target market for the possibly-vaporware Pizza-Pro 3000. And before you ask: No, it’s not motorized. (Though we imagine a little time in the shop could fix this, erm, design flaw.)

Offered along with dozens of other not-yet-available products on the WorldWideFred website, this appears to be simply a molded plastic circ saw shape attached to the top of a standard wheel-type pizza cutter. Yet it inexplicably draws our attention.

(Thanks, by the way, to the dozen or so of you who submitted this via our newly repaired Submit-a-Tool link.)

Pizza-Pro 3000 [WorldWideFred] [via]


Ever wish that the wood you need for that new shed or deck would just, say, wash up on the beach? For those living on the coast of Kent (two hours south of London), that dream has come true. As you see in the CNN video report above, tons and tons of wood lost from a Russian cargo ship in the English channel has begun reaching shore — where it’s quickly loaded into vehicles by eager locals.

CNN says local law requires that everyone who scavenges the wood must fill out paperwork and wait a year before using the wood, but as you can see that doesn’t seem to phase those in need of project supplies. (And hell, it wouldn’t phase me, either.)

Here’s to some happy framing!


So clearly this chase isn’t going well for the running man. That said, I can’t help but wonder exactly what’s happening in this video car-tech-wise. I suppose all the sparks coming from the driver’s-side front wheel well must be due to a missing wheel as driving on the brake disc would definitely produce that kind of light show. And I’m guessing that eventually all the sparks managed to get into fuel or other flammable materials to create the CNN-described “fireball.”

But that looks to me like a ’90s Chrysler, which means it’s likely front-wheel-drive. If so, it’s pretty impressive that the driver manages to keep it in a lane (for the most part) minus a front wheel. Do you suppose the car stopped because the fuel tank emptied, or do you think the guy just crapped his pants when he saw/felt the flames and decided a foot chase would be, um, safer.

Tak Pushpins

Part push pin, part staple, TAK push pins might just be the solution you need for stringing your holiday lights. The oversize head with U-shaped channel captures the wire and holds it in place. TAK push pins aren’t just for lights — they’ll hold your bulletins just like other push pins, but with the dual pins, the paper won’t rotate unexpectedly on you.

You can pick up a set of twenty TAK push pins for about $7.

TAK Push Pins [Ideation]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


Talk about everything having lasers! These lasers are for your garage,  to help you park, of course — at least they get some cool points for looking like turrets from a B-movie spaceship.  The motion detector spots you pulling into the garage, and this little unit zaps your car with a point of laser light to let you know whether you’ve pulled in sideways, again.

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When tool companies apply their expertise to develop stuff outside of their core product line, they can come up with some pretty cool results. Alumicolor makes precision measurement and drafting tools out of extruded aluminum; we’ve posted about their scales in the past. With that same manufacturing process they’ve made message clips that’re interesting, different, and quirky — we have to hand it to ’em though, it’s a great Toolmonger overkill. And with these extruded aluminum dominoes with photo-anodized dots, they’ve tipped the scale!

Street pricing on the dominoes is $44.

Double Six Dominoes [Alumicolor]
Street Pricing [Google Products]