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It’s not often a home-brew item with wacky mods turns out to be the perfect gift, but this shovel/USB drive is a complete fury of win! This Christmas I’m totally going to do this to my father… and perhaps a few others. I’m not really sure what they used to get the USB drive into the handle, but it’s worth it, whatever I have to do. Perhaps some 5-minute epoxy, so to use the drive it will actually take cutting the handle down to a stub or putting a disc sander to it.

Perhaps I should start cruising yard sales now to make sure I get a few really nasty, rusted-out shovels to put into action. Also, so it’s not just a throwaway gag gift, get a really nice drive to entice them to use or salvage it. We don’t know who did this but our hats are off and beers up whoever you are. Well done indeed!

The look on any recipient’s face of this illustrious prize is sure to validate any trouble concerned with its design and execution.

And The Point Is? [Cheezburger]


I often wonder if the level of common sense we have is directly proportionate to our dependence on others to think for us. I’m inclined to believe that, in this case, whoever made this picture is having some fun with us. Then again, I saw a pen attached to the desk at the bank the other day with a ball chain that had a breakover clasp in the middle of it and had to think to myself that it was the worst security device ever.

I’m not sure what kind of demo is going on here, but were you to steal this the joke’s on you. The Bosch model kicks the crap out of it and you’ll run out of charge before you can show it to your friends — also, no charger. Then again it did hang around long enough for someone to take the pic, so maybe everyone knew that already.

Sears Product Security [There I Fixed It]


Look hard. See how many possible bad outcomes you can come up with from this gem posted up on There I Fixed It. When I got to 12 explosion/fire laced choose-your-own-adventure endings, I had to post it.

Seriously, don’t ever do this. The glorious fireball that is the result of bungee straps letting go or, say, clipping a hydrant, is almost visible in the picture. We understand about not having the cash to replace a gas tank, but surely a better spot could be found to mount it up. I envision the other side has a 50 cal. autocannon slung low. You know, A-Team style.

Plus, that’s an F-150 with a V8. I’m guessing that five-gallon bad boy gives that truck about a 35-mile range.

Gas Tank’s on The Left, Right? [thereifixedit]


Last month here at Toolmonger we ran across Jakub Szczesny’s Keret House design for the world’s skinniest house. Coming in at roughly 156 square feet, the entire house literally will fill the empty space between two city buildings in Warsaw, Poland. Nevermind that there is no space for tool storage — it hardly seems like there’s much space for anything. Despite its small size, the design can account for most daily living requirements just as a RV vehicle or boat would. Still, no matter how wonderfully efficient the design, is there such a thing as too small for a house?

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Wacky, yes. But ratcheting tools always improve repetitive cranking tasks, so this strikes me as a kick-ass idea. Besides the ratcheting mechanism, this Apri opener also foregoes the whole clamping routine; you just push down on it with your body weight to latch it onto the can.

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Is it bad that sometimes I see the “solutions” to problems on There I Fixed It and they seem logical to me? In this case I look upon the tractor/car mashup and think, sure, dude didn’t want to get rained on.

If that extra battery that’s hooked to the side near the front runs the A/C and is blowing cold air on him, or perhaps powering the radio or a heater — I begin to see big reasons for doing this conversion.

Of course, looking at the open back end I also support the “I just think it would be funny to put a car on the tractor” mentality as well. But mostly, I’m thinking rain shield.

And You Think Your First Car Was Bad [thereifixedit]


I had to play this one about five times before I could stop laughing. This is the type of thing that people who didn’t actually see the event go down say doesn’t happen. Sort of like the classic port-a-potty overturn or a car blowing a rod straight through an engine. But it does happen, and in this case we’ve got proof.

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Just as the weekend began, a skunk sprayed my dog. The five minutes that followed that event could have been written into any comedy you’ve seen in the theater. However, when it happens to you, it’s less funny and more irritating than anything else. In short, the dog bolted in the house full of skunk spray and proceeded to rub and shake it all over the house before I could catch him. It was great.

So let’s just pretend for a minute that you’re standing in your living room with a wailing dog in the laundry room full of skunk smell, a screaming baby in the bedroom, and a second howling dog in the kitchen who is just making noise because everyone else is making noise. The damage is now done. It’s time to start fixing what has obviously gone horribly wrong.

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This is one of those urban-legend types of stories that no one ever has proof of — except in this case there’s not only proof but video, an eyewitness, and damage to a nearby home. A concrete-cutting saw blade comes off this saw and makes a beeline towards a nearby home — sounds like something from a John Woo film.

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The specialty pens folks would like you to use in the shop get pretty amusing — take the Inka pen for instance. For $13 you can get the Inka Pen made from 304 stainless steel and carbon fiber with a pressurized ink cartridge (like those in the Fisher Space Pen), allowing the pen to write wet or dry at any angle or on rough wood. The integrated PDA stylus is just the equivalent of a laser. Are they serious? You could buy an entire box of square shop pencils for that.

A Viton o-ring seals up the closed pen (3.15″ long and 0.375″ diameter). If you’re in a hurry, you can just pull it apart and you have a stubby pen. When it’s fully assembled, it’s 5″ long. It fits the hand well, and the stainless gives it a nice heft.

For a crack-smoking $40, you can pick up the Inka Special Titanium version that weighs in at only 0.45 oz. Or again get a shop pencil that they often give out free at the local home center with the purchase of 50 cents or more.

Inka [Manufacturer’s Site]
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