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After years of writing about tools and the tool lifestyle, we believe that everyone — man, woman, homeowner, apartment(/bar)-dweller, college student, everyone — should own a few basic tools and the accessories needed to make them useful. So we decided to throw together a list along with some recommendations for where to find ’em, how much you should pay for ’em, and what you can do with ’em.

We don’t intend this as an exhaustive list of every tool you could (and should) possibly own. Instead, we’re targeting the gear you’ll find useful day in and day out — and that occasionally may pull your ass out of the fire when you’ve done a great job of lighting it up.

Of course this wouldn’t be Toolmonger without your feedback. Think no one really needs a utility knife? Wonder why we’re not going to include a scroll saw? Speak up! As you see the each post in the list (starting today), feel free to let us — and more importantly other readers — know what you think. And if you’re reading to assemble your first toolkit, do what we do: Pay attention to comments. There’s as much useful info there as you’ll get from us. Toolmonger readers are sharp, like your pocket knife better be, too.