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This light has almost made the favorites list for the last two years but has been knocked out somehow or other. This year, however, it stands as proof that Milwaukee has been kicking ass of late with products that make sense. Our M12 lights have been through all manner of hell and still perform beyond expectation.

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It is my firm belief that unless you’re traveling through an airport or to a major sporting event, there should be a pocket knife on your person at all times. They’re just too damn handy to walk around without one. And almost since Toolmonger’s inception, the knife of choice for both me and Chuck has been the three-inch Winchester lockback.

Pakka wood and a little nickel is about all the fancy these blades offer. However, the $10 price tag means you could by a fleet of the things for the cost of one “good” knife. We’ve beat the living tar out of ours and have yet to kill them, so as far as we can tell, backups aren’t really required.

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For the last few years, my Bear saw has managed to appear in about two thirds of the projects I’ve taken on. It then goes back in its sheath and thrown into a giant toolbox until the next time I need a flush cut saw, which is never long. It’s time to recognize this toothed shop helper.

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The first day it arrived in the shop and we began cutting with it, we knew that the Bosch axial glide miter saw would make our favorites list this year with gusto to spare. It’s large, loud, rugged, and elegant all at the same time. Though competitors won’t admit it outright, this is a home run and everyone on the other teams knows it.

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The first and most humble of the Toolmonger Favorite offerings this year is also one of the greatest values, Stanley’s Tylon Series short tapes. We have several lengths rolling around the Toolmonger shop, but the 12’ tape is by far my favorite and has been since I first started with it.

It’s rare that a tape measure takes all the bitches I had with the current tape (which I liked) and systematically eliminates them to render a — and I don’t say this word lightly — perfect tape measure experience.  The nylon coating on the tape itself doesn’t mar finished wood and is easy to read. The housing is lightweight and uber-durable, and the spring doesn’t try to sever digits off when it retracts. That’s about as good as you could expect from mortal engineering.

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Rather than just rounding up the the new tools this year and picking our favorites, we’ve taken a very Toolmonger approach. These are the tools we used the most in our shop during 2010 — the ones we just couldn’t or didn’t want to put away no matter how hard we tried. Yes, it’s time again for the Toolmonger Favorite Tools list, 2010 edition.

Some are new, some are older. Some are tools we’ve reviewed in the past, and some are just tools that we dropped our hard-earned cash for because we needed (or wanted) ’em. But they all share one common thread: we used the ever-lovin’ crap out of them, and we can recommend them wholeheartedly.

You’ll also notice that the pictures we’ll post aren’t studio shots. They’re photos of the actual tools we used and beat to hell — dirt, scratches, and all, because we like it that way.

We’ll post the list one tool at a time and follow with a roundup once we’ve revealed all our selections. We look forward to hearing your opinions in comments.