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Yeah, I’m a Top Gear junkie, too. So if you missed it when they strapped a little jet engine to bicycle four or five years ago in an unsuccessful successful attempt to beat London’s congestion charge entertain, take two minutes to watch the video above. (Just click on the pic to link to the un-embeddable BBC YouTube vid. Thanks, TM reader Gil, for shooting us the link.)

But I’m not showing you this to warn you off the dangers of letting Jeremy Clarkson assemble ANYTHING on a vehicle you intend to operate. I’m showing you this to suggest that you can buy the same kit Clarkson snagged with Brits’ license fees and put it to your own uses.

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We drive an early version of the Silverado hybrid pickup — due out in the first half of next year — and con GM into hooking a 20′ boat behind it to find out if it can tow. Don’t miss our full hands-on post with the details.


Haven’t spent much time with jigsaws? Sean takes the worry out, showing you how they work, how to pick one, how to tell the difference between blade types, and — best of all — how to use ’em.


If you’re wondering exactly how an “internal combustion” cordless nailer works, Sean’s here to show you. He walks you through the basics, then drives a few nails to give you a feel for the nailer.


We posted a review of these nice new levels from Stanley just a bit ago, but here’s your chance to see first hand how we tested ’em — and to meet the latest addition to the TM crew, JR Bluett.