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Not many screws are long enough to merit a 1:4 gearing to help tighten them more quickly, but the little buggers get frustrating fast if they are. This is the Skew Products Fastdriver, a screwdriver with a little (extra) twist. There’s a gear set in the body which turns every handle rotation into four shaft rotations. If you need more torque, the gearbox can be disengaged for normal 1:1 operation. It comes with two Phillips and two slot drivers and is compatible with 1/4″ hex inserts, the same type you’ll find in just about any interchangeable-head screwdriver, so this should work with your existing collection.

The Fastdriver’s pretty cheap, too — just $12 before shipping from SJ Discount Tools. I’d imagine it’s roughly as fast as a ratcheting screwdriver, but a little easier to use — no rapid back-and-forth nonsense making the tip slip out of the screw head.

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