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If you’re under 40, when someone utters “Radio Shack” your head likely fills with images of third-rate cell phone deals, Sharper Image rejects, and overpriced electronics. If you’re over 40, though, you just might remember the ‘Shack as a local source for electronics components, cheap batteries, and home computers (when the latter was still a rarity). It looks like a few folks in the ‘Shack management team remember that, too, and put this video out to find out what it would take to get back in the good graces of those who remember — and into the buying thoughts of those who don’t.

Or maybe the whole thing’s just a stunt to get some views on their YouTube page. Either way, that’s fine with us. A hit on RS’s YouTube channel isn’t going to draw me to the store.

The video asks for your recommendations in YouTube comments, and looking through them I see some great ideas already. A few of my faves:

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When you’re putting together a small electronics kit, the flat-nose pliers are generally the first to go.  You can do most of the same stuff with needle-nose, and flat-nose pliers are big.  But why not carry both in one tool?

Kronus’ “Switch-Grip” pliers have handles that rotate 180 degrees to allow the use of two different “heads” — in this case a flat-nose and a needle-nose.  (The head not in use remains nestled between the grips.)

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