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There are tons of different shelf support systems on the market, but not every system works well in every situation. FastCap’s Speed Brace has features that may make it a better choice when it comes to certain tasks.

The first and most notable feature is an alignment notch that FastCap claims makes aligning many supports easy. Just install a straight cleat level on the wall and the Speed Brace’s 1-1/2″ by 1-1/2″ notch slips over the cleat, making aligning each brace almost foolproof. I wonder if using a cleat to align other types of shelf brackets wouldn’t work equally as well, but then what do I know?

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It may not happen often, but sometimes you need to make a cut flush with the edge of your saw — you might be in a tight space or there’s some obstruction in the way preventing you from completing the cut. This is no problem with a hand saw, but it’s almost impossible with a tool like a jigsaw where the blade can be over an inch away from the edge of the shoe. That’s where a flush cut blade like DeWalt’s DW3311 comes in handy.

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Replace the pad on the spindle of any of Bessey’s cast iron, Omega, or all-steel screw clamps with their clamping force indicator and you can tell instantly if you’ve applied the correct amount of pressure. As you increase the clamping force, the red disk starts to disappear inside the indicator; when it disappears completely and you only see green you’re using the right clamping force.

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How do you drive a screw that’s all threads and no head, like a dowel screw? A few places sell drivers especially made for driving these screws, so put away your Vice-grips and chuck a dowel screw driver into your drill instead.

We found three different retailers selling these drivers. Westfire Manufacturing has 1/4″ and 5/16″ drivers for $38. McFeely’s has what looks to be the same drivers, but also has a 3/16″ version for $24. Stair Supplies’ C-905 driver is only $8, but according to their sales rep, it only drives their C905-2 dowel screws. Still, it might be worth it for the price.

Dowel Screw Driver [McFeely’s]
Dowel Screw Driver [Westfire Manufacturing]
Dowel Screw Driver [Stair Supplies]


Are you sure you want to carry that sharp and dirty painter’s 5-in-1 tool or putty knife in your pocket?  With FastCap’s new folding pocket putty and combo putty knives you don’t have to worry. Both tools use the same folding handle as the rest of their pocket tools to protect the blade and keep your pants clean and free of holes.

The pocket tools feature a thin, flexible blade made from heavy-duty stainless steel that can get behind molding without damage or spread fillers. The combo putty knife also allows you to scrape, dig, and clean rollers like any painter’s 5-in-1 tool.

Either pocket tool will run you $10, plus Amazon will ship the tools for free if you purchase over $25 — you’ll just have to throw some extra tools on the order.

Pocket Putty Knife [FastCap]
Pocket Painter’s Tool [FastCap]
Putty Knife Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Painter’s Tool Via Amazon [What’s This?]


Use TapeNIX temporary pulls anytime you haven’t put pulls on the cabinet or drawers, but still need to easily open and close them. Presumably they are so named because Anthony LaFemina created them to replace the blue tape he saw being used as temporary pulls.

Made in the USA, TapeNIX pulls slide over cabinets and drawer faces up to 3/4″ thick. Simply slide them off once you’ve installed the permanent pulls.

A bag of 10 TapeNIX pulls shipped from McFeely’s will run you $12, but you get a better price break at 100 pcs. — $33 shipped.

TapeNix [FastCap]
Tapenix [FastCap eStore]
TapeNix [McFeely’s]

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To borrow a phrase from Dirty Harry, “Do I feel lucky?” While a caulk gun can’t do as much damage as a .44 Magnum, you might think so after hearing a homeowner scream as you leave gobs of caulk on the new carpet. With the FastCap Caulked N’ Ready holster you’ll always have your caulk gun at the ready and won’t depend on luck to contain the mess.

Made in the USA from high-impact plastic, the Caulked N’ Ready measures 17″ long and has an inside diameter of 2-3/8″. When you slide the caulk gun into the holster a spike enters the tube tip, plugging it closed. A reservoir around the spike holds the excess caulk that inevitably seeps out of the tip, keeping it off hard-to-clean surfaces.

Cutouts in the top of the holster capture the caulk gun trigger so the gun won’t spin around, and a 6″ adjustable wire clip allows you to hang the holder from your pants, belt, five-gallon bucket, workbench, ladder, or wherever else you decide to dangle it.

Right now the only place we can find the Caulked N’ Ready holster online is McFeely’s for $12.

Caulked N’ Ready [FastCap]
Caulked N’ Ready [McFeely’s]


When a storm is about to hit, the last thing you want to do is waste time screwing plywood over your windows.  PLYLOX window clips let you quickly cover windows with plywood without installing any hardware or modifying your window casings.

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Incra’s miter sliders provide rigid and stable T-slot runners for your router table, table saw, or band saw jigs.  Incra designed them for use with their Build-It System panels, but they can also give your custom jigs precise-fitting runners with minimum play.

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Believe it or not, sometimes duct tape isn’t the right tape for the job.  You can’t see through it and it doesn’t always stick well to cardboard, so for things like shipping and packing you need packing tape.  The trouble is that you can’t just rip packing tape — until now.

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