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Chuck likes to say you could piece-part an entire Jeep from JC Whitney if you were so inclined. This is most likely true from what I can tell. Only slightly lesser known is the vast selection of truck accessories they have on tap.

My new (to me) Ranger had a bunch of small dings and scratches on the top of the bed, as one might expect from a truck that was used like one. I could of course let that go, as it really doesn’t hurt the value of a truck in Texas — however, a set of bed rail caps were a much better solution.

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When I was 16, I had an “incident” in my car, a sweet little ’78 Datsun 280Z. And when I say “incident,” what I really mean is that I thought wailing over a raised railroad track at 90+ MPH sounded like a good idea and proceeded to go for it. I survived — fortune sometimes favors young dumbasses — but the struts on the Z never felt quite the same after bottoming out so hard. (The Dukes always made it look easier.)

New struts checked in at around $350 at the time, plus massive installation costs at the dealership. Round it to an even $1,000, or about $900 more than I had at the time. I was first-class boned.

Around that same time a Jeep-owning friend gave me a copy of a JC Whitney catalog.(JC Whitney was famous back then for carrying pretty much every part of any kind for a Jeep. My buddy joked that you could build an entire — very expensive — Jeep out of aftermarket parts from Whitney alone.) I generally flipped through it looking for cheap-ass stereo gear and CB radios, but I discovered something else: They carried strut “cartridges” for my Z, too. For about $20 each.

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Valiant Remote Car Starter from JC Whitney.jpg

A remote car starter can make the winter months much easier. Without one, well, you know the drill: trudge out into the cold, yank your car door open from the sheath of ice that formed overnight, sit down on the icy driver’s seat, and start ‘er up. Then shiver, curse, and blow vapor clouds for ten minutes while the heater puffs out air that’s — is it possible? — even colder than the air outside.

Valiant’s remote car starter allows you to forgo this process with the press of a button from up to 1,000 feet away. It’ll start the engine and control the heat, defroster, or a/c for a user-programmed time of up to 24 minutes. It comes with built-in relays for ignition, lights, and climate control, though you’ll need to buy extra relays for keyless entry or power trunk release. It can also start the engine automatically every two hours to avoid a dead battery in frigid temperatures.

JC Whitney is running a sale on the Valiant remote starter for $56, about $15 less than retail. Of course, you do have to install it yourself. But you’re a Toolmonger. You’re not afraid of that.


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JC Whitney Coupon code BEBAKX7

This handy coupon code for JC Whitney which gives you 15% off your purchase with no minimum — just enter BEBAKX7 at check out to get the discount. Note: the coupon expires today.

If you need some suggestions as to what to use this coupon on, here are some tools I see as good deals:

  • A 6-inch and 8-inch Bench Grinder: Grinder is powered by a 3/4-Horsepower 110-volt motor with shatterproof eye shields. $35.69.
  • A 1/2-inch Impact Driver Kit: Driver features ABS Handle designed to prevent the possibility of hitting hand with hammer, Bit holder has 1/2-inch drive and 5/16-inch hex for Phillips and flat screwdriver bits. $12.74.

Product List [JC Whitney]