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Last week IKEA announced that they’ll soon sell furniture featuring an “integrated HDTV.” That’s right: You can now buy a TV stand complete with TV, BluRay player, and stereo for around $950. That’s the 24″ version.

But wait a minute. The local BuyMore offers a (complete with 1080p display) for $170. (I’m not, by the way, recommending this TV. It’s just the first one I came across. I found lots of them in this price range.) Brand-name BluRay players start around $65. And even though the IKEA offering only offers 2.1 sound, you can buy a pretty nice smallish 5.1 system for under $200. I’m not a math genius, but that adds up to around $435. So you’re essentially paying $515 for a crappy melamine-covered MDF cabinet and the loss of stereo component selection.

Maybe it’s just me, but this screams DIY.

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Here’s another solution for helter-skelter cables:  the Signum cable organizer from Ikea.  The idea is to “trunk” your cables — you screw the organizer to the bottom of your work area, throw a power strip in, and plug in the cables, then wrap the excess on the rack, letting the cables exit at the proper location.  This has helped me get my workbench super-clean-looking, without all those cables hanging all over the place and getting in my way, and I’m never searching for a place to plug things in.

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