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As a volunteer with the local county’s CERT*, I’m always on the lookout for safety items and search-and-rescue tools that can help in emergencies — plus it gives me an excuse to look at and buy stuff for my truck. This Rugged Ridge kit is aimed at the 4×4 crowd, but it could also be useful to the less off-road user. The kit contains a 2″×30′ 20,000 lb. recovery strap, a 3″×6′ 30,000 lb. tree trunk protector strap, a 20,000 lb. snatch block pulley, two heavy-duty 9,500 lb. D-rings, a winch line damper, a pair of leather gloves, and a storage bag. It’s available online for as low as $70.

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Now through February 9th, you can pick up the Kershaw Storm II Knife from Cabela’s at about half off retail, for $19.99.

Knifemaker Ken Onion designed the 3 1/2″ Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel blade with a long edge while also maintaining tip strength. This grade of “martensitic stainless chromium steel” is normally used for razors, surgical tools, and food prep knives, since it’s very hard and stands up well against wear and corrosion. Though stainless is known for keeping its initial ultra-sharp edge for a while, it can be a pain to re-sharpen later — but in my opinion, it’s still worth 20 bucks for a decent utility knife.

As shown above, the Kershaw Storm II offers a locking blade, and the thumb studs let you open it one-handed.

Kershaw Storm II Knife [Cabela’s]


And I’m not talking about the ones you scored at the bar last night. I’m talking about the ones on your hands — the ones that do all your favorite things. Long a staple of the lab-safety community, Kevlar gloves work just as well in the kitchen (or shop) to keep (some) sharp objects where they belong: outside your skin.

The pair pictured above come from Cabela’s and feature blue, rubber-dipped palms to improve your grip. They’re designed for meat cutting (as you can see from their inclusion of an expensive boning knife in the picture), but they’d work well for other similar tasks in the shop.

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