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DeWalt has recalled about 9,000 framing nailers because “the bump action trigger…could have been incorrectly asssembled during production, which would allow the nailer to eject a fastener unexpendedly or cause the trigger lock-off not to function” says the Consumer Product Saftey Commission. The affected nailers are models D51825 and D51850, pictured above.

Thankfully the CSPC has seen no injury reports so far, but if you own one of the nailers they ask that you immediately stop using it and contact DeWalt at 877-437-7181 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) for instructions on receiving a free replacement bump action trigger.

DeWalt Recalls Framing Nailers Due To Serious Injury Hazard [CSPC]


The CPSC posted this recall of Wagner-brand paint sprayers due to a possible electrical shock hazard if you pry off the on/off switch.  I’d say that was pretty obvious, but I know how serious things like UL ratings for products can be.  The fact that it can happen means they’ll have to fix it.

Wagner says about 35,000 units have the switch in question, which can be “dislodged from the casing, resulting in exposure of electrical connections. This can pose an electrical shock hazard to the consumer.” As yet, no one’s reported any injuries, but Wagner says if you own one of the affected units you should contact them for a free repair.

Check out the CPSC site for more information about this recall.

Wagner Painter Recall [CPSC]


Brave Products seems to be having a bigger issue with their hydraulics than they thought. Their semi-recent recall of a few splitters has been expanded to encompass quite a few more models. The issue is with the splitters’ hydraulic cylinders — defective rod retention causes the seals to leak and the rods to detach.

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True Value Co. of Chicago announced the recall of around 17,000 wheelbarrows recently.  I wondered what could possibly be so dangerous about a wheelbarrow that there would be a national recall — well, apparently, overinflating the tire could cause the wheel’s plastic rim to break, posing an injury to the user.  Wow.

I applaud the effort on True Value’s part, but I think a dose of common sense might be more prudent. Maybe I’m getting a bit cynical here, but back when I was a kid the whole issue would’ve been handled when dad told me not to overinflate the tire on my bike and showed me what was up — ’nuff said.

Instead of a massive recall and all this hassle couldn’t they just say, “Hey, don’t overinflate the tires, ’cause the rim will crack.”  We guess they don’t want a lawyer showing up on their doorstep representing someone with a wicked wheelbarrow injury.  The times we live in are rather amusing when you stop to think about it.

True Value Recalls Wheelbarrows [CPSC Recall]


Rheem recently announced a voluntary recall of around 14,000 units of the Rheem, Ruud, and United Refrigeration oil-fired furnaces. According to Rheem, if the furnace isn’t properly wired the oil burner can continue to operate when the blower shuts off, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced a recall of about 900,000 Toro Power Sweep electric blowers sold by various outlets and distributors.  According to the CPSC and Toro, the blower’s impeller, which is a rotating component on the blower, can break, resulting in pieces of plastic flying out of the blower.  Since pieces of the impeller are most likely not what you intended to blow into the neighbor’s yard, you might want to look at the recall notice.

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The CPSC announced a voluntary recall of the Rapid Reel portable garden-hose-reel carts and wagons.  Rapid Reel has received five reports of tires exploding while being inflated, resulting in lacerations to fingers, arms, and legs from flying pieces of plastic.  The tires in question have a white plastic rim and a steel ball bearing hub or a black plastic bearing hub.

If you own one of the affected units, don’t inflate the tires — you can contact Rapid Reel for free replacement tires.

Exploding Tires Prompt Recall [CPSC]


The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced a recall of about 24,000 Perfect Flame grills sold exclusively at Lowe’s. According to the CPSC, the four-burner LP gas grills can melt and/or ignite — not exactly the impress-the-guests ending you might desire.

If you own one of the affected grills — check the link below for serial number detail to see if yours is affected — your should immediately stop using the grill, disconnect the propane tanks, and return your grill (sans propane) to any Lowe’s store for a full refund.

Fire & Burn Hazards Prompt Grill Recall [CPSC]
Manufacturer Recall Info [Lucas Innovation]


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission today announced Honda Motor Corporation’s recall of over 20,000 HRX walk-behind lawn mowers. Honda reports that they’ve “received one report of a shield breaking off the lawn mower,” though the accident resulted in no injury.

The recall includes Honda models HRX217(K)2HXA and HRX217(K)2HMA mowers with serial numbers between MAGA-1500001 and 1520532. If you own one of the affected mowers, contact your local Honda Lawn and Garden dealer to schedule a free repair.

2008_06_13_1191 recall-450.jpg

Pull the trigger and the drill spins; release the trigger and the drill spins. I can see that being a recall. Bosch advises “Stop using immediately” if you own their hammer drill model 1191VSRK. Even if yours hasn’t malfunctioned yet, you might consider contacting Bosch — and if it starts running as soon as you plug it in, you should absolutely call them.

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