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TM reader Brenda wrote to ask where she might find help with teaching her son to make a Pinewood Derby car. And it’s a great question: Where does a parent who’s not that handy turn to give their kids the full Pinewood Derby experience?

I can think of one suggestion: Start with long-time Toolmonger reader (and friend) Troy Thorne’s book Pinewood Derby Designs & Patterns. Troy is the creative director over at Fox Chapel publishing, and he’s definitely a handy guy. By day he lays out awesome woodworking books. But he spends his nights in the shop, tweaking his home-built Cobra replica and building furniture and canoes.

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This great picture from reader JMaz Photo reminds me that most adult men who work with tools have a pinewood derby story and an old racer lying around somewhere, either on film or the actual dusty old roller stuffed in a shoebox atop a shelf. All of them were glorious constructions, full of hope and wonder.

Of course, after race day they were either put on a shelf next to a ribbon or trophy, or strapped to a firecracker propulsion system (with a lit fuse) and left to the automotive gods to decide their fate.

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