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If the picture above is a bit confusing at first, don’t feel bad; we didn’t get it at first either.  While some power tools allow you to install the battery so that it sticks out ahead of or behind the grip — Milwaukee’s V18 comes to mind — the Znex CL-3180’s battery actually rotates to face all four cardinal directions (while still installed) in order to fit into crazy-shaped nooks and crannies.

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If air powered ratchets are an option where you’re working, you might try the Znex CI-3120 cordless.  It’s a bit chunkier than both a hand ratchet or an air-powered ratchet, but if you don’t have air and aren’t feeling like busting knuckles, the CI-3120 might fill the void. 

The 3120 is powered by a 12V NiCd battery and comes packaged with a 45 minute fast charger — all in a molded case.  Its business end features a 200 rpm free-load speed and delivers a claimed 45 ft-lb of max torque, though we’re a bit skeptical about that figure.

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