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I freely admit and am unashamed of the fact that I come from a sport-bike background. Nothing serious mind you — I don’t travel on one wheel with my hair aflame or measure the length of my manhood with the amount of power I can seat below it. I come from a world of Japanese precision and practical grace, like the Ninja 500 or 250r for instance. So when I hear a rattle under power I become concerned.

Chuck and I have a beautiful little Yamaha V-Star 650 that is, quite honestly, a sparkly little cherry. We’ve spent the last few weeks tuning it in and shining it up to a harmony of mechanical excellence. It runs like a top around the neighborhood and is well-mannered for a chrome-laden cruiser. It was time to step it up a notch. But during its maiden highway voyage, I noticed that when you put any power to it over 60 mph it had a rattle around the front area.

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