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This bandsaw push block already has one hit against it. Could you face your fellow woodworkers and tell them you recommend using a Joy-Jaw push block and expect to keep any sort of respect? Aside from the bad name, however, it may have some redeeming features.

The large molded handles and wire guards keep your hands away from the blade. While the molded plastic body is rigid, it won’t damage the blade if you accidentally cut into it. The stepped jaws, which are reminiscent of an alligator wrench, will grip many shapes and sizes of small stock.

Woodteck designed and manufacturers this product in the USA. It’ll run you $30 plus shipping.

Joy-Jaw [Woodworker’s Supply]

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With a pocket hole plug cutter you can better hide your pocket holes. Rather than depending on the limited selection of packaged plugs, you can cut plugs from the same material as your project; plus you can create plugs with a matching grain pattern.

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Michael writes: “Woodtek came out with a new product that they describe as ‘more than a convenient way to transport sheet goods to shop machinery’ — their pivoting panel cart.  It’s a great way to deal with 4′ x 8′ panels — like plywood and MDF — in a small shop.

“Best of all, it seems like it’d be a fairly easy DIY project for someone who welds — and doesn’t want to spend $269.99 + shipping.”

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