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Last month I wrote about a tool called the Size Catcher I found while browsing one of my local hardware stores. Since then I’ve picked one up for $5 at Menards and have played with it for a few weeks. Here are my impressions of the tool:


I find the snap ring annoying since I hate having tools on my key ring — just what you need, keys dangling from the tool you’re trying to use — eventually I’ll get around to removing it. I have been carrying the tool in my pocket for the last few weeks and have forgotten it was there several times. I’ll take it out of my pocket every time I see a nut or bolt and play the see-if-I-can-guess-what-size-it-is game before I measure it.

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It happens to everyone now and again: You need a wrench or socket, but you’re not sure exactly what size the bolt is. So you go back to your toolbox and grab a couple of different sizes. You get back to the fastener in question and find out you chose… poorly.

Situations like this could be prevented with a tool like the Size Catcher from Wilmar. Small enough to fit on your key chain so you have it with you at all times, this gauge from their Performance Tool line can measure the size of the nut or bolt so you only need make a single trip.

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DIY mechanics dread hearing that mysterious beep, whine, grind, ping, or squeal. Over a year ago we posted about how a simple stethoscope has saved us hours of time and significant cash outlay in the Toolmonger shop. Performance Tool (a subsidiary of Wilmar) makes an automotive stethoscope with a long probe on it, a style that reader Trevor D recommended as being far preferable to the doctors’ kind.

It could save your day by identifying just which part is making that sound you can’t quite remember being there before. Street pricing is about $9.

Automotive Stethoscope [CarParts.com]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


When it comes to interior work, the small things often times wind up being the biggest pain in the ass. When removing all the panels’ clips and handles form the interior of your ride the only real problem is that — in most cases, at least — everything must go back on.  So while just ripping the thing off may be satisfying now, you’ll kick yourself for it later.  A handle/crank remover tool can help ease your rage — during disassembly and reassembly.

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Long shaft drivers are difficult to put away since most drawers aren’t that long.  (We keep them in their own drawer in the roll-away.)  They’re not really useful for much in the way of normal projects such as close car work or woodworking, either.  But when you need one, you need one. 

The long shafts can reach screws 22” down and keep your hands out the way. Magnetic tips keep the fastener on the tool as well.

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