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Wenger and its sister company Victorinox are seriously trying to pry $50 out of me in October. This is the new EvoWood 18, and it’s a piece of work. It’s a classic 3.25” knife (closed) with 9-bladed pattern that’s wrapped in hand-fitting, stained walnut.

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When I was a Boy Scout, we were never allowed to carry an actual Swiss Army Knife for “safety” reasons. I ended up with this cheap, dual blade Trails’ End knife that I won from selling popcorn. Man oh man, do I wish that Wenger had been offering this Scout’s knife back then.

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EvoGrip from Wenger

Maybe the designers at Wenger are fans of roll-on truck bed liners, because the newest knives in the Evolution (Evo) line look like they got the roll-on treatment. Wenger’s touting the EvoGrip as the next step in the progression of their Evolution platform.

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In response to this recent post, Toolmongers have come out strongly in favor of pocket knives. Almost everyone agrees that pocket knives come in handy all the time, even if you don’t always have the right tool for a given situation. But if your pockets are big enough to carry this 87-tool Swiss Army knife, you will always have the right tool for the situation.

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Reader Jason emailed us a link to this most extreme 85-blade “knife” supposedly called the “Giant Knife Version 1.0” and we couldn’t help passing it on — even if it does look more like the work of Photoshop than Wenger (the people who bring you the venerable Swiss Army knives).

On a more realistic note, though, Wenger, has finally updated the basic shape and form factor of the Swiss Army knife, calling it the Evo.  (Think Chris Rock from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back: “Harley-Davidson gonna sue somebody!”)

Update: Boing Boing says the knife’s going for $1,200 and isn’t a joke.  Still hard to believe, though.

From Reader Comments: Reader Todd suggests that it’s probably “a one-off demo showcase that displays the various tools the company can put into a knife and not a product that will be mass-produced.”

Another Update: It’s real.  We imagine it’ll be a collectors item for sure.

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