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Designed to prevent annoying extension cord disconnects in the shop, the E-Zee lock adaptor snaps over power connections, holding them together better (and safer) than your own homemade tape or safety wire solution.

It works by attaching a nylon bracket behind the plug of both the male and female ends. Ther’s a collar at either end of the adaptor that keeps the plugs in place, preventing someone’s clumsiness from disconnecting your tool.

It’s an easy $7 way to solve an annoying disconnecting issue, but is this a problem you really want to solve?  If you don’t remember to leave a few feet of spare, coiled extention cord and someone trips on it, the plug will come out of the wall or they’ll yank the tool out of your hand.

On the other hand, this might be just the thing for a “middle” extension cord, assuming you still have a “breakable” connection near the tool.  Of course, are you killing your tools slowly by hooking that many cords together?

Is this a worksite must have or a worksite hazard? Let us know what you think in comments.

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