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Donnie writes: “This is one of the coolest Swiss Army knives I’ve ever seen.  It has the glass breaker and belt cutter you’d expect, but the knife can even be used to cut the windshield out.  Watch the video for a demonstration of all the features.”

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SwissMemory 1GBAlways out in front of the field, Victorinox (better known as Swiss Army) has fashioned a usb key drive into one of their famous knives. The SwissMemory 1Gb is exactly what it sounds like: a pen knife cabable of storing 1 Gb worth of digital data and still providing:

  • a blade
  • a nail file with screwdriver
  • scissors
  • a key ring
  • an LED mini light
  • and a retractable ball point pen

Windows 98 Drivers for the unit are available on the SwissArmy site, but considering the SwissMemory 1 Gb rolls in at $197, you might be better off just buying a Windows 98 machine to keep wherever you’re going.  At least at that price you’ll probably be the only person you know with one of these knives.

SwissMemory 1Gb [Swiss Army.com]

Update: Yeah, we know — two multi-knife articles in a row.  We just saw this one and couldn’t pass up dropping it on the site.  We promise we’re not becoming “Knifemonger.”  Really.