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Veto Pro Pac came out with their new line of OT bags last fall. Toolmonger has featured their line of tool bags before, and the posts generated responses from a number of readers, including Roger Brouard, owner and founder of Veto Pro Pac.

Its open design, which allows for bulkier items and easy accessibility while working, distinguishes the OT (Open Top) line.  Otherwise, it features the same rugged material and construction as the original line, but it lacks one of the key features that the original had.  With the original bags, you could tip, toss, or throw a loaded bag around and still have your tools neatly organized — a definite selling point. Without that feature, has Veto made a watered-down version of the original — or has their OT bag filled a whole new need?

Have you had a chance to handle Veto’s new OT line?  Let us know what you think in comments. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Mr. Brouard will share his thoughts, too.

Veto Pro Pac [Corporate Site]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] (B000VKSAQK) [What’s This?]



Chris S. writes: “The Veto Pro-Pak is a heavy-duty tool bag with lots of pockets to keep all your tools vertical for easy access.  They offer three different bags, and I was considering buying one — the LC.  But I want to see what you Toolmongers think of it first.”

Here’s the skinny: The body of these bags are made of PVC-impregnated 1800 Denier favric, and the base is made of 3mm-thick polypropolene.  It also features “marine-proof rivets and industrial strength nylon stitching and zippers.”  The LC Chris mentions has 51 “tiered pockets of varying size” plus six zippered pockets and a fixed center panel to keep the bag standing upright.

Personally, I think it’s one of the better-looking tool bags I’ve seen, though it’s a bit pricey.  Then again, it’s not your average, ordinary tool bag, either.  Let us know what you think in comments.

Pro-Pac Model LC Tool Bag [Veto]