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If you have kids around the “right” age, you’d better hide the wrist saver — it’s a Wolverine starter kit.  (All you need are some yellow tights black leathers.)  Two of these tools strapped to the wrists of a 9 year old could spell doom to your living room drapes.  Wolverine aside, though, it’s an interesting new take on an old tool. 

The Wrist Saver takes an old cultivator and adds a vertical handle and a forearm band to give a solid grip on the tool.  It’s great for weeding and aerating soil. 

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The Garage Tamer is simply a molded plastic frame (in the shape of a triangle) that mounts into a corner and holds crap with handles — like rakes, hoes (not that kind), and brooms.  The rim can also hold anything with a hook, and the Tamer’s got pegs to hold objects with hanging loops or the like.

Sure, there’s not much to it.  But I love simple, and anything that gives an un-loved corner of the garage or shed new purpose and gets gardening and yard tools out from under my feet qualifies as a good thing(tm).   

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Sadly, the Garden Rocker has nothing at all to do with bands of the Seattle era.  Instead, the Garden Rocker is an outdoor gardening stool made for active gardeners looking for comfort — even if it does make them look like Weebles.

The seat pan itself is contoured — just like a farm tractor seat — and is adjustable to add still more comfort.  Before of all, the curved, rocking base provides a full range of forward and side motion so you can move comfortably in any direction to plant or weed while sitting or kneeling. 

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