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A circular saw plus a saw guide makes a great poor-man’s table saw, but a guide that won’t handle a full sheet of plywood is like a hot dog that’s too short for the bun — frustrating.  Thankfully, Veritas has you covered with a two-piece guide that’ll span up to 100″.

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Once you own a set of beam compasses, you’ll find that you’ll can finally clean up your shop — because you’ll no longer need your massive collection of soda cans, coffee cups, and scrap cardboard to draw straight circles.

These beam compass heads clamp onto just about any material between 5/8″ and 3/4″ thick — but most commonly a stick of spare wood — in order to act just like the compass you used in grade school. 

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I’ve often heard it said that classic cars have “timeless lines.”  Well, Veritas Chair Devils definitely have the classic hand tool lines down.  They both look the part and serve their purpose of smoothing out round spokes or chair legs with some style.  It’s almost a shame to use this sort of thing in the shop because they look good enough to mount on display. 

The shaped scraper blade rounds the work piece and removes marks.  ‘Devils come in three interior-rounded sizes: the 1/2″ diameter for spindles, the 7/8″ diameter for rungs and the 1-1/4″ diameter for legs and posts, as well as canoe paddle shafts. Their machined-steel bodies are fitted with some awesome looking African rosewood handles shaped in a classic tapered design.

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You know how some TV commercials have all that fast talking at the end, usually wrapping up with the phrase “some assembly required?”  This is one of those types of tools.  But the up side is that you get to build a tool and it’s a pretty slick tool at that.  The Veritas Twin-Screw vise claims to clamp just about anything anywhere in the vise with the jaws remaining parallel.  Woot!

The trick: A chain drive connects the two screws to ensure parallelism and to eliminate the “racking” common in other vises.  As a result, it can be operated using either handle as well.  There’s also a spring-loaded lock pin to let you disengage the chain for controlled “jaw skewing” if you need to operate out-of-square.

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Bench grinders are a great multi-purpose tool in the shop, but with weak or flimsy tool rests (which in many cases aren’t adjustable) can spoil the fun.  The Veritas tool rest mounts to your bench in front of the grinder and provides a sturdy support that you can fold out of the way for freehand grinding. 

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After constant abuse in the shop your tools can get a bit dull around the edges.  Having your tools sharpened professionally can get pretty expensive, so why not consider sharpening them yourself?   Thankfully for all of you out there with a bit of time and a light wallet (like us) there are tools like the MK II from Veritas Tools. 

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