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For the last few years, my Bear saw has managed to appear in about two thirds of the projects I’ve taken on. It then goes back in its sheath and thrown into a giant toolbox until the next time I need a flush cut saw, which is never long. It’s time to recognize this toothed shop helper.

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at the local big box. I didn’t have the cash for a recip, and the double-sided Bear saw seemed to work for the one piece I needed to trim. Since then it’s been damn near indispensable in the shop and on household projects.

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Vaughan’s V5 hammer sports a slick-looking profile, a nasty nail puller, and an interesting “V”-shaped head, but it still suffers from an ailment that afflicts many hammers –- no matter how cool the changes are, they mostly still look like regular hammers.

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The factors that lead to a tool purchase are often much simpler than tool companies might imagine. For example, a few weeks ago when I was picking out a pull saw at the local big box, the final push that led me to whip out my wallet and buy was the fact that one model included a case while the other didn’t.

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After supposedly winning a number of design awards (andreceiving some great press from gadget blog Gizmodo), Vaughan’s uber-modern S2 hammer has become an internet darling; we see the same picture of it — the one above, which we stole from Gizmodo along with everyone else — everywhere, along with a the designer’s claims that it’ll “drive a nail to the hilt with just two strokes.” 

But does this hammer actually exist?  Despite all the talk, we can’t find mention of it on either Vaughn’s pro or amateur sites.  And even though some blogs have suggested that it’s “flying off shelves,” we can’t find one for sale anywhere.

So first of all, have you seen one of these for sale, and if so, where?  Second, if you did find one, do you believe the hype?  Would you buy one?  Let us know in comments.

The S2 Hammer [Gizmodo]


We came across this handy tool from Vaughan & Bushnell today; It’s a hinged lever arm designed to help you straighten boards when installing them as flooring or decking.  Just tap it into place against the subfloor or adjacent joist and pull the handle to bend the board into place.

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