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Bacou-Dalloz-UVEX Bionic Face Shield

We we wrote about this sweet-looking Uvex shield back in October, it was $25.  But I just found it at High Performance Cleaning for nine bucks.  It offers complete face protection, fully adjustable ratcheting headgear, a soft breathable headband, andface shield you can replace in seconds.  Oh yeah, and it look cool as all hell.

Bionic Face shield [Uvex]
Uvex Bionic Face Shield [High Performance Cleaning]
Street Pricing [Google Products]



We keep running across cool offering from Uvex, like their new Strategy goggles: Besides offering an anti-fog coating — which is very, very important on goggles — and still fitting over most prescription eyewear, they also look pretty sweet, too.  It’s nice to see someone putting out some safety gear with some style!

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We use a face shield in the shop — in addition to goggles — whenever we’re grinding.  It’s just so easy for the steel bits flying in every direction to get up under glasses, safety glasses, or even goggles, so the secondary protection helps. 

Our shield, however, seems truly lame compared to this one from Uvex, called the “Bionic Shield.” It looks more like a piece of an astronaut’s helmet than a shop tool.

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uvex.jpgRemember when safety glasses were dorky?  Thankfully times have changed.  Now you can look more like Paul, Jr. in the shop and less like Mr. Wizard.  A case in point: Uvex’s new Protege safety glasses.

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