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We wrote about Italian tool company USAG’s uber-rolling-cabinet a few months back, and the reaction via comments was quite positive.  It’s a sharp cabinet, but the only place any Toolmongers could find it here in the ‘States was via an importer for ~$550 — in lots of 10.  (Ouch!)

This morning we received an email from Frenotec, a motorcycle parts reseller who says they’ve recently become the US distributor for USAG and will offer the full catalog of products directly.  Their site (link below) shows some of the products, but Frenotec assures us that you can check out the USAG catalog directly and then call for pricing on any particular product — including the uber-rolling-cabinet.

They’re also kindly offering a 10% discount until Christmas if you mention Toolmonger when you order.

We don’t know anything else about them yet — we’ll find out more this week — but you may have a chance at that rolling cabinet yet.

Online Catalog [Frenotec]
Full Tool Catalog [USAG]



We’ve got a little rolling tool cabinet that we use around the shop; They’re seriously handy when you’re working on the car as you can keep all the tools and parts you’re using in one place, then just roll them back to the garage to put them away.

When we came across the OKAY Roller Cabiner 511 from USAG, we just had to pass it on to you.  We’re not sure where you can get it — the company’s based out of Italy, it seems, and the only place we found listing them online sells them only in groups of 10 — but one day we’re gonna have one of these.  Or something like it.

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