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Triton Lumber Rack (scaled correctly)

Last weekend I was digging through my makeshift wood rack looking for a piece of molding when an avalanche of wood hit me squarely on the noggin.  Several rooms away, my daughter learned a few new swear words.  I think before I pile all my wood back up (to fall on me again), I’m going to install something like Triton’s lumber rack system — six shelves that hold up to 110 pounds each in an easy-to-see (and hard to drop on myself) format.

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Remember the post a long time back about the BMW airhead?  We didn’t mention the part about cleaning out the bad gas in the tank.  That was my job, and it sucked.  Let’s just put it this way: I figure I took at least a year or two off my life.  What I really needed was one of these powered respirators.  Take my advice now:  If you’d like to live to be an old shop guy, you’ve got to look out for yourself — and that includes avoiding the nasty stuff like as grinding dust, smoke, and spoiled gas fumes. 

Update: See the next post for better fume protection.

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