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It seems almost everyone has come out with some kind of configurator these days. Dell lets you design your own laptop, car manufactures let you design your car, even ice cream parlors let you design the perfect cone — so it makes sense that Tregaskiss has a configurator that lets you design your own Mig gun.

The configurator has four steps that allow customers to customize their Tregaskiss brand Tough Gun line Mig torch according to amperage, cable length, neck style and a few other options.

Step 1:  Select amperage, cable length, and handle and trigger styles
Step 2:  Select neck length and angle, plus nozzle, contact tip and liner styles (and wire size)
Step 3:  Select a power pin style for their wire feeder
Step 4:  Review and print the provided part number or contact Customer Service for additional assistance and ordering

It’s a nice setup that lets the pros or more experienced welders get exactly what they need without having to worry about mix/match issues associated with hunting it down in a static catalog.

Torch Configurator [Tregaskiss]