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The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced a recall of about 900,000 Toro Power Sweep electric blowers sold by various outlets and distributors.  According to the CPSC and Toro, the blower’s impeller, which is a rotating component on the blower, can break, resulting in pieces of plastic flying out of the blower.  Since pieces of the impeller are most likely not what you intended to blow into the neighbor’s yard, you might want to look at the recall notice.

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Toro Rake and Vaccum

I traded in my gas-powered leaf muncher for this Toro garden vacuum last year, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance — what I’m not happy about is that I didn’t get it for $50 at Home Depot. The Toro Rake and Vacuum, a 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and leaf mulcher, easily moves debris and wet leaves, with two speed settings and a top air speed of 210 MPH. You can attach the vacuum, blower, and leaf-bag attachments without any tools, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Rake and Vac [Toro]
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Between now and June 12th you can sign up for a chance to win a sweet Toro riding mower as part of Toro’s Backyard to the Brickyard Giveaway.  Second and third prizes include cool Toro gear such as push mowers and power garden tools.

All it takes is a visit to their website and the normal pimping of your personal information to register.  Think of it this way: if you don’t win you still get all that consolation junk mail for a year.  Everyone’s a winner!

Backyard To The Brickyard Giveaway [Toro]


If you’re looking at these photos and thinking that Toro dressed up an old three wheeler from decades past to handle sports field maintenance, don’t feel bad.  We’re thinking the same thing.  They call it the “Sand Pro,” and it’s “new.”

Apparently the “new” part is that you can install any of Toro’s 17 sand grooming attachments all over the Sand Pro via its quick attach system — without tools in under a minute — then motor around your own field of dreams with its 18 HP engine and hydraulic power steering chasing down cleaning up after baseball players.

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It’s almost springtime again — at least you might be fooled into thinking it is here in Texas — so our minds turn to lawn care.  Well, the care of what’s left of my lawn after last year’s nasty water restrictions here.  Anyway, Toro’s offering a new version of its famous zero-turn-radius mowers — pros everywhere ride these — called a “subcompact.”  The upshot of this is that their 34″ and 40″ models fit easily through standard-sized 36″ and 42″ gates, hopefully saving you some time with the push mower.

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Back in the day, nothing was cooler than the Terminator tanks from the future.  They rolled over the battlefield crushing humans and playground equipment (and whatever else found itself before the might of their tracked badness).  Now you can drive one around your yard — sort of.  Yeah, we know it’s supposed to be for Earthworks and construction, but admit it: You want to drive the Dingo.

Is that some kind of sexual reference?

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Fall is finally here and with it comes the leafy invaders from what was once a shady refuge — now turned lawn care enemy.  Cleaning up fallen leaves in the yard is a big part of lawn care in the fall, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. One of our favorites is the leaf blower: it’s loud, moves stuff around fast, and (best of all) does a great deal or work without requiring you to pick up a rake.  In short, the leaf blower is your fall weather friend. 

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