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Mark writes: “This is a credit-card-sized tool that fits in your shirt/coat pocket or in your wallet.  I’m a police officer and I own two.  I keep one in my shirt pocket while working, and I also have one in my glove box.  During a camping trip last summer, I used it constantly — especially the bottle opener and mini light.  It’s a great value for the price.”

One caveat: Don’t forget and leave it in your wallet when you go to the airport.

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I love ToolLogic.  I don’t know a damn thing about them, but I love ’em.  Why?  Because in the SL3 they bring together two of my favorite things: knives and fire. Ok, so it may not be the best looking knife around — but did I mention it makes fire? 

The SL3’s main features are a 2” serrated stainless blade and a magnesium alloy fire starter which — when combined with a special notch on the SL3 blade — deliver a shower of sparks at over 2500º.  Toollogic says “It will even spark when wet.”  Sweet.

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