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Titebond II Fluorescent Glue Stock Photo

Titebond’s fluorescent wood glue looks like normal glue, but glows under a “black light,” making it easy to spot glue you missed during sanding — before you get ready to stain that heirloom project.  There’s nothing worse than dragging your work back to the shop, removing the glue, and re-sanding everything.

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Titebond calls Titebond III the “ultimate wood glue.”  (Is the third time the charm?)  It’s a waterproof wood glue that cleans up with water (before it dries, of course) and offers a one-year shelf life.  Titebond says it has a polymer-based formula that offers the “preferred performance attributes as defined by professional woodworkers.”

Titebond III sports excellent water-resistance and provides a stronger bond by optimizing for wood-to-wood applications.  It also doesn’t foam and requires less clamp time than polyurethane based adhesives.  Working with Titebond doesn’t require the use of gloves, either. 

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