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Northern Tools is selling this Titan 3-piece seam splitter set for $40.  Designed to separate spot-welded panels in autobody work, they look like the sort of tools that could be repurposed for all sorts of weird prying jobs.

3-Piece Titan Seam Splitter Set [Northern Tool]
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Titan Ratcheting Breaker Bar

Thanks to Titan, you no longer must choose between the convenience of a ratchet and the toughness of a breaker bar.  They claim that their 18″ ratcheting breaker bar offers the convenience of both, withstanding up to 376 ft-lbs of pipe-stuck-on-the-end torque.

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Making tools easier to use or more comfortable is good thinking and in general we always applaud the concept. The only trouble is once in awhile the end result may not be as usable as the original tool.

Take the Titan 17380 – 5 Pc. ratcheting combination wrench set for instance; It’s a good set of useable wrenches that now have a huge grippy rubber handle on them.  The logic is clear and seems like a good idea on paper, but the issues come when one sticks them down into areas that are confined anyway — like, say, an engine.  There isn’t room for your fingers in most cases much less your fingers and a huge rubber grip.  Not to mention the grip will often times reduce the rotation area by bumping into things or become slick with oil.

But hey — isn’t this brand the one we always see sitting (brand new) in the $1 discount bin?

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