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Pull the over-sized trigger on Thomas & Betts’ pneumatic cable tie tool to tension, accidentally snap, and trim a cable tie in record time. Using any compressor that can generate 85-100psi of dry, oil-less air, the tool works with their own proprietary Ty-Rap brand cable ties, but it will probably accommodate a range of other ties as long as they are .094 to .184 wide.

Made with an impact-resistant polymer housing and soft over-molded grips, it’s designed to be lightweight and balanced to reduce user fatigue. The tool holds the cut-offs until you eject them so you don’t have to go back and clean up after yourself. It also has two built-in hangers to keep it within reach when you need both hands.

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Cable ties belong in the esteemed category of tools that includes gaffer’s tape, super glue, and locking pliers — they’re almost infinitely useful, and if you’ve got some, you’re halfway to fixing nearly anything. However, if you’ve ever spent time bundling up a bunch of cables just right, only to have to snip apart all your hard work when you notice what you did wrong, you owe yourself a big bag of releasable cable ties.

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Phillip writes: “Any time you visit a jobsite where cabling is happening, you always see loose ties on the ground.  The Ty-Rap Tote from Thomas & Betts is a handy cable tie dispenser that allows you remove a single tie without several coming along with it. Also, they’re held securely while climbing up and down on ladders, bending over, or crawling around equipment.  There are three sizes to choose from.”

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