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This was going to be a simple post comparing the Gerber Artifact with the Mini SuperKnife as a keychain knife/tool. As I started gathering details, it was turning into a Gerber vs. Gerber post: Gerber was acquired by Fiskars in 1986, and in 2005 Fiskars Brands acquired Superknife and integrated it into their Outdoor Recreation division, Gerber Legendary Blades. One big happy conglomerate…

Anyway, I decided to add a couple more similar-sized tools alleged to fit on a keychain, and solicit your opinions. From right to left in the picture (not to scale): the folding blade SOG Micron, 1.5″ blade length and 3.44″ overall length when opened, costs around $10. The Mini SuperKnife, 1.77″ long closed and 2.95″ long opened, is a small folding utility knife that costs about $5. The Utili-Key, 2.75″ long, goes for approximately $7 (TM mentioned this device 7/24/08, 5/1/09, and 8/20/09). The Gerber Artifact, 3.5″ long closed and 4.8″ long opened, is available for $6-7 (TM had a 9/15/08 post on the Artifact).

What’s your choice for a small keychain knife/tool: A knife-only option, or a pseudo multi-tool?

SOG Micron Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Mini SuperKnife Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Utili-Key Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Gerber Artifact Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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The $5 Screw Key set puts one Phillips and one slotted blade on your key ring. They’re made from heat-treated blackened steel. Are these any better — or worse — than the Utili-Key (Noted on TM back in May of this year and again in July 2008)? Or, with a little grinding and drilling work, you could make your own from a couple of old bits. What do you think?

County Comm [Manufacturer’s Site]

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Double D Brands is selling the Swiss Tech Utili-Key for $6.49.  This compact tool snaps onto your keychain and sports a knife blade, three screwdriver blades, and a bottle opener.  Replace the one seized by the TSA on your last airplane trip.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key [Double D Brands]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


I’ve seen a lot of comments about the Utili-Key from Swiss-Tech; imagine my surprise, when I went searching through Toolmonger archives for our post on it, to discover that we haven’t written one. So if you’re one of the readers who has suggested the Utili-Key, bear with me — for anyone who hasn’t seen this tool, you might want to take a closer look.

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Multi-tools have invaded almost anything with a pocket, sleeve, drawer, or clip.  One such implement that caught our eye recently is the Swiss Tech Micro Tool.  I guess some people have enough MacGyver in them that they require a little more from their keychains.

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