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Stihl recently recalled around 5,000 chain saws as it’s possible for the throttle trigger to stick “after it has been released by the operator, which could cause the engine to continue to run at a speed that drives the saw chain.” Needless to say, a saw continuing to run when you wish it to stop can cause injuries.

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The Smart-Holder holds log firmly off the ground so you can safely saw them without rolling, bending, or burying your chainsaw blade in the dirt.

AMGA in Sweden designed the Smart-Holder to assemble and break down quickly. Once it’s set up you just push the end of log through the swinging jaw of the Smart-Holder and push down on the log to wedge it in place.

The 27 pound Smart-Holder measures 47″ long by 15″ wide and will hold any log 1/2″ to 9″ thick.  When it’s set up it stands 38″ tall and when it collapses it’s just 2″ high. Stihl and Remington also market the Smart-Holder under their own branding. No matter which company sells it, pricing starts at $100.

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Chainsaws are cool — they’re also dangerous and can bite you pretty hard if you don’t handle ’em carefully, but they’re really cool.  The folks at Stihl are trying to make ’em even cooler by adding low-emission features to their saws, without nerfing the power.  Enter the MS 211 C-BE chain saw, which sports all their best features for occasional-operation saws plus some green additions thrown in for good measure.

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We normally associate the word “newsworthy” with loss of life, damaged property, or shocking tragedy.  A small win that works out for everybody seldom shows up on the media radar these days — nevertheless Stihl and Southern California have got a deal going that leaves everyone a bit better off than where they started.

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Every Saturday morning round this time of year I’m awakened by the drone of my neighbor’s gas-powered blower, as he prowls our shared fence line like Halo’s Master Chief with a proton pack on his back. I don’t begrudge him the gear or the noise, ’cause I make more than my share, and I know there isn’t a fast way to get blower work done quietly — unless you’re sporting Stihl’s 65dB BR500 backpack blower.

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This trimmer attachment will blow your mind; it makes your trimmer your blower! Sporting “multi-stage turbine technology” — you saw the picture, right? — this attachment will fit any of Stihl’s KombiMotors, the largest of which is 1.9 BHP. They mention that it outperforms one of their standalone blowers, but I didn’t see any information about which motor, so file the claim under “marketing BS” until there’s real information.

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Stihl's Cutquik TS800

Not much will stop Stihl’s top-of-the-line cut-off saw, the Cutquik TS800. With a 6.7 hp gas engine and a 16″ cutting wheel, it’ll chew through six inches of stone, masonry, steel reinforced concrete, or a Jersey barrier on I35 — probably. Encased in a lightweight polymer housing, it weighs just 28lbs. By incorporating vibration control into a well balanced design, Stihl reduces operator fatigue and makes the TS800 handle like a smaller saw.

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